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My Home Care Services

Welcome to MHCS, here seven companies have come together to give impartial answers to the most common questions people ask about problems in later life, or after a crisis.

About MHCS
My Home Care Services

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About MHCS
My Home Care Services

The inspiration behind MHCS can be viewed in a short video. Please click on button below to watch.

About MHCS

Care in your own home

Occupational therapy, assessment & treatment

24 hour live-in care

Complex Care

Home adaptations

Financial planning & later life care advice

Legal advice

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How did MHCS start?

John’s father Bill suddenly went from being a very young 80-year old to a frail old man. He lived alone, and obviously needed help. He and his sons were adamant that Bill shouldn’t be packed off to a care home, he should be able to stay in his own home. But his son’s couldn’t drop everything and give him the help he needed. So what could they do?

John knew that Bill needed some care at home, some adaptions to his house (steps turned into ramps, a stairlift, a wetroom rather than a bath), and some mobility equipment. They also guessed that some occupational therapy would help Bill keep his body as active as possible, for as long as possible. John also needed financial advice, because Bill was classed as a ‘self-funder’ by the local authority. Almost everything he needed would have to be paid for by Bill or his sons. The three of them also needed legal advice to put all of Bill’s affairs in order. Then, if he deteriorated, the two sons could ensure that Bill could still live the life he would have wanted, as independently as possible.

However, John found that it was very difficult to get truly helpful information. He didn’t know how to tell if a care agency was any good, or even what care his father needed. He didn’t know whether Stannah or Acorn stairlifts were better; how to find a decent occupational therapist; if a financial advisor or lawyer actually knew enough about his father’s circumstances to give the best advice possible. None of the organisations he approached could give him the answers he needed, and they certainly couldn’t tell him where to go for the type of advice he needed.

That is why John set up the My Home Care Services website – to unite the people who solve homecare and later life problems, so they give sensible, integrated advice to people like John. To make sure that someone who needs to know about having, for example, some mobility equipment also knows that they should get a power of attorney set up, and vice versa – that someone going through probate for their mother knows that they don’t have to pack their father off to a care home.

MHCS provides just this sort of advice. It’s free to use and will give you the help that wasn’t available to John when his father was ill.

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